How To Care For Your Carbon Steel Knife

How To Care For Your Carbon Steel Knife


Get in the habit of cleaning your knife as you cook. Use a kitchen towel to wipe it occasionally, especially after cutting acidic foods. These harsh residues can easily stain the blade.

Clean the blade with a soft cloth, mild soap, and warm water after cooking, and avoid anything that can damage the blade's surface, like harsh detergents and scrubbers. The dishwasher is also off-limits.

Choose a suitable cutting surface for your knife. Rubber or end-grain wood boards are the best options for this type of knife. Avoid using this knife on metal, glass, ceramic, or bamboo surfaces.

Try not to bend or flex your knife while cooking. Doing this can cause chips and cracks along the cutting edge. Use a smooth and steady motion to cut, and do not twist the knife while slicing.

Avoid using a honing rod on this style of knife, as it can ruin the fine cutting edge. Learn how to sharpen your knife properly using Japanese whetstones, or get in touch, and we'll help you.

Finally, keep those natural materials of your blade and handle in great shape, and apply our Blade Oil or Camilla oil occasionally.

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