It's easy when you make it part of your cooking routine. 
  1. Regularly wash your carbon steel knife during and after use, ensuring it's always kept dry.
  2. Between cutting tasks, especially with acidic foods, wipe the blade with a moist towel, then dry immediately.
  3. Initially, avoid highly acidic foods to prevent rapid oxidation until a protective patina forms on the blade.
  4. After use, particularly in damp or humid conditions, apply a small amount of mineral oil (e.g., Tsubaki Oil) to the blade to prevent moisture accumulation.

    To wrap it up, maintaining the sharpness and durability of your carbon steel knife involves regular cleaning, drying after use, cautious handling of acidic foods early on and if you're in the mood or in damp climates, give it a splash of seed oil every now and then. 

    P.S. Never wash your sweet knife that took a long time to make and was very expensive in the dishwasher. No, Nope. Nah. Not ever. Not even once.